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Not Your Average Therapy Group...

BTSAG offers holistic options to support sexual assault survivors in the space where they are at. We understand that support is fluid and looks different for each and every person. We look for options to offer something different. We think outside of the box and put forth programming that supports our key groups of clientele.


Individual/Group Therapy Support

BTSAG provides access to individualized and group therapy with licensed clinicians. Our therapy offerings range from individual and group sessions based on age, as well as parental support sessions for those who are in support roles for our sexual assault survivor community.

Therapy Through Art

BTSAG provides a range of art therapy options that caters to the sexual assault survivor community. From our pottery classes, crochet, workshops, paint nights, vision board parties, and more, we support our survivor community by providing an outlet for them to be their creative selves, while creating a safe space where our survivors can share their stories while feeling heard and supported.

Emergent Trauma Support

Going through the process of reporting a sexual assault can be isolating and tough. Through our Project Hope program, we provide comfort care bags to ease the weight of going through the reporting process. We also provide around the clock support through out 24 Hour Hotline, as well as emotional support personnel who can sit with and support and any sexual assault survivor as they go through rape kits, police reporting, etc. BTSAG also provides a 72-hour safe house as well as assistance with finding resources to help survivors get on their feet.

Campus Support

BTSAG provides youth and teen centered programming through our Steel Survivor programs. BTSAG also provides campus support to local colleges and universities through campus programming, workshops, and access to all of our services with young adults and children in mind.

Community Resource Support

Through our Project Hope program and Clothing Closet, we provide resources to sexual assault survivors who have current needs. We provide toiletries, clothing, and various other products to not only make our survivors feel beautiful, but empowered. We also provide assistance in connecting survivors with social service supports and resources as they established their new normal.

Community Engagement



It is essential for sexual assault survivors to feel heard and supported. Through our signature event of SASS Fest, we showcase our survivors in a setting that allows them to communicate their truths. Yearly, we also deliver our "Breaking the Silence" Empowerment Photo/Storybook where our survivors put forth a printed work sharing their stories of triumph.


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